Tuesday, June 4, 2013

C.A.R. Bot Wars by J.V. Kade

ISBN-13: 9780803738607
Publisher: Dial
Publication date: 3/21/2013


Twelve-year-old Trout St. Kroix has been searching for his missing father for the last two years, after his dad disappeared while fighting in the Bot Wars. The Bot Wars began after robots became so advanced that they revolted and demanded more workers' rights, causing the government to declare all robots terrorists and ban them from the Districts. Trout never questioned anything the government told him—even when his own nanny bot was banished—until a vid he posts about his missing dad goes viral and new information pops up. At first Trout is wrenched his dad might be alive, but when his brother disappears, Trout learns nothing is what it seems . . . not even his own father.
Percy Jackson meets Transformers in this heart-stopping, futuristic adventure that will make you question everything you know—and look at robots in a whole new light.

This was an action book set in the United Districts after the creation of robots.  The robots have become so advanced that they started to think for themselves.  After the Bot War, the robots were forced to a territory called Bot Territory that is protected by a shield.  The main characters were Trout [Aidan is his real name] Po ,Vee (who are all human) and LT (a bot).  It’s an adventure where bots and humans have to work together to save Po from the U.D.   

I feel like these characters are real because the author uses descriptive words to tell about them in the book. There was a lot of adventure in the book from cover to cover. It was easy to read this book because there weren’t many difficult words.  I like how the author described the book and I could easily picture it in my mind. My favorite part in the book was probably when trout goes to this secret place in Texas to spend the night.  There is a lot of neat technology in this book, which made it fun to read.  Anyone interested in futuristic technology would find this book interesting. 

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