Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Oops, I did it again.....FreestyleMom's new etsy.com shop

So, if you know me, than you know when I see something cute my first thought is: I could make that.

Then, once I make it my second thought is: I could sell that.

I do not know what it is in my chemical make up that makes me want to start businesses, but I find something that I enjoy and I want to share it.

My next adventure is award holders. (I've also been thinking they would make really cute jewelry holders too, but that's for a different blog post, ha.) Chase needed one for his room to show off the results of his hard work. I looked all over and nothing fit exactly what I needed. Most of them were very colorful, which are fun, but didn't go with the actual d├ęcor theme of his room. So I made one, and I had a fun time doing it.

I know so many women who run marathons and kids who dedicate themselves to competitive sports, and I think it's so important to celebrate and show off our accomplishments!

Here are a few of the holders I've already created and put on my etsy page. https://www.etsy.com/shop/FreestyleMom

These are shown without the hooks installed. We will send the hooks separate so that there is no damage during shipping, but the holes will be predrilled so it's easy to twist the hooks in.


The gold on these boards is awesome in real life. I mean, who doesn't love gold??? I've been infatuated with it for a while now and have a splash of it in pretty much every room!

Please check them out and pass them on to anyone you know who runs, swims, or plays any sport that will bring home bling.

I am all about custom orders, so if there is something special you have in mind, just let me know!

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