Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gift Ideas for readers

I'm sure most of you have friends and family that love to read. I've made up a list of some fun and unique gift ideas for those readers on your Christmas lists. Make sure to check out the last one *wink wink*

Personal Library
Cost: $16
I think this is an adorable library set! I don't loan out books too often because I read a lot of ebooks, but it's a great gift for people who still buy paper backs.

Book shaped plates and serving platters
Cost: $6 - $18
When I first saw these, I thought they would be perfect for ladies who hosted a book club. Even if you don't go all the way with plates and everything, the platters and coffee sets are super cute.
Cost: $25

I love this pillow. I have a rubber "spider" that I received as a gift that holds up my phone. I've loved it, but some of the legs have broken. This pillow would be the perfect replacement. And I think if you give this, you should give two, because I can totally see my husband stealing this from me!

Cost: $13.95
There are a ton of reader type charm necklaces on sites like etsy.com. I like the simplicity of this one. Although, I think I'd prefer a different chain. But for $14, I could get it and swap out the chain with a nicer one.
Famous author dolls
Cost: $43
Just kidding! Crreeepy!
And last but certainly not least:
A book gift basket.
Cost: $30
This basket comes with a "Reading is Sexy" coffee mug, a bag of gourmet coffee beans or tea (your choice), a bag of godiva chocolates and a digital copy of Lucky for Him. The basket comes with instructions on how the recipient can download their gifted copy of the book. They can download it onto any reading device! There's also a coin just like in the book tied to the basket.
You can also purchase this basket. The only difference is the mug says "Shhhh I'm reading."
If you're interested in purchasing a gift basket for yourself or as a gift, email me at { tinleyd @ hotmail dot com }.
I hope this lists helps with your holiday shopping!

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