Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Book Review: Relentless Pursuit by Kathleen Brooks

BN ID: 2940016441962
Publisher: Laurens Publishing
Publication date: 5/20/2013


Relentless Pursuit is the fourth novel in the Bluegrass Brothers series.

Pierce Davies watched as his older siblings fell in love – something this bachelor was not ready for. After all, he was now the most eligible man in all of Keeneston! Though Pierce enjoys the playboy lifestyle, his life is his work and that hard work is set to pay off big time with the unveiling of a big secret. However, this work hard, play hard attitude may have also landed him in hot water as he finds himself arrested for a brutal murder with all evidence pointing to him.

Tammy Fields has been suffering from the crush to end all crushes. But her flirtations have fallen short as Pierce Davies always ended up in the arms of a Keeneston Belle. Having waited long enough, Tammy decides now is the time to grow up and move on. She has a good job as a paralegal and a hot new boyfriend. But everything changes quickly when Pierce is arrested and Tammy is called upon to help with his case. While working closely with Pierce to prove his innocence, she realizes her crush is something far more meaningful as she risks everything to save him.

Will they finally find love or will the increasing danger prevent their happily ever after?

This book is the fourth in this series, but like the eighth in her stories about this small town.  I would definitely read these books in order.  Not only because I think that her first books are better, but because she has so many character references from previous books, I think it would be confusing to skip over all that.

In my opinion, these books are simple and sweet, slightly suspenseful, romance novels.  All of her characters are unique, even though the brothers have quite a bit in common.  It doesn't feel like she's retelling the same story over and over again as some "small town romance series" are apt to do.

I think some of her dialogue can be too 'fact-forcing' instead of natural speech, meaning she tries to shove facts into her characters mouths that I don't think would be in a natural conversation.  But for the most part, they are easy southern-comfort reads.

I enjoy her books, and for $2.99 a piece, it's an easy decision even if they don't WOW me.

I do like that these books are not full of explicit sex scenes and the characters are more mature, less dramatic than the new genre of New Adult fiction that seems so popular.

For a quiet, rainy afternoon, or a couples hours by the pool, these would be good to have.

Have you read any of Kathleen Brooks' novels?  If so, which story has been your favorite so far?

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