Friday, May 10, 2013

My very own Prince Charming

People often ask me how Chris and I manage such a healthy, loving, fun relationship. 

That's a hard one to explain, so I thought I would provide an example instead.

Setting the scene:  This email train began 1 day before our son's birthday party.

Me:  Chris we are all set for movies tomorrow.  Tickets purchased:)

Chris:  What time is everyone arriving? 

Me: 11:30 and movie starts at 12:45.  We can just grab some  popcorn at the movie and have snack after.

Chris:  Why don't we have pizza and cake first thing.

1.  I guess I can order pizza and have it here, I just didn't think they would be interested that early and it will take a while to get them rounded up...
2.  I wasn't planning on doing a cake.  I thought most of the time would be taken up with the movie....

Chris:  Any games planned after the movie?

Me:  There's not that much time.  I figured they would just hang out and play iron man.  They're ten, not five.  I don't think they need to be entertained.

Chris: I think it's good to have something planned just in case.  We really ought to do a cake after the movie.

Me: I love how you are just jumping into the play event planner at the LAST MINUTE. You have had NO input on any of this, even when I tried to pry it out of you with a crow bar.  And now your ideas are just flowing freely.....
Chris:  That's how I am.....a rescuer of dreams

I deleted a LOT of that last email.  Things that I wouldn't want to be held against you in your company server and things that I wouldn't want held against me in a court of law.... Watch yourself

So, there you go peeps, that's how we keep the love alive.  There's never a dull moment between this procrastinator and her control-freak honey!

We're just living the fairy tale.


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