Friday, May 3, 2013

Book Review: This Girl by Colleen Hoover

There are two sides to every love story. Now hear Will’s.
Colleen Hoover’s New York Times bestselling Slammed series has brought countless readers to their knees with a whirlwind of love, passion, and heartache. Layken and Will’s love has managed to withstand the toughest of circumstances and the young lovers, now married, are beginning to feel safe and secure in their union. As much as Layken relishes their new life together, she finds herself wanting to know everything there is to know about her husband, even though Will makes it clear he prefers to keep the painful memories of the past where they belong. Still, he can’t resist his wife’s pleas and so he begins to untangle his side of the story, revealing for the first time his most intimate feelings and thoughts, retelling both the good and bad moments, and sharing a few shocking confessions of his own from the time when they first met.
In This Girl, Will tells the story of their complicated relationship from his point of view. Their future rests on how well they deal with the past in this final installment of the beloved Slammed series.

Okay, so normally if I didn't like a book, I just wouldn't review it.  I hate saying anything super critical about another authors work.  So, I usually only pass along books that I have something good to say about them.

This Girl, by Colleen Hoover gets 2 stars from me.  Mostly I give it two stars because the writing is good.  I've read a lot of books that I can't even finish because the writing itself is so poor.  But this author has a great writing style, and I like these characters.  I have liked them from the very first book.

Which is why it is painful to tell you that I thought this book was terrible.  I usually race through Hoover's novels because I can't wait to see what happens.  I raced through this one because I just wanted it to be over.

There is only so many times I can listen to a couple tell each other how much they love each other and how wonderful they think the other person is before it becomes sticky sweet.

And this book had absolutely zero plot.  There was no goal, no conflict.  Yes we like these characters, but a book written in happily ever after land is just boring!

In my opinion, and it pains me to say it, but this wasn't a book.  It was a 300+ page epilogue. 

But on the bright side, it's Friday!!:)  I hope you all have a great book to read over the weekend!

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